A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the VCMA has been a
constant voice for the local medical community

About Us

Advocates For Patients, Physicians and High Quality Medical Care

The Ventura County Medical Association (VCMA), established in 1890, is a professional association of physicians throughout Ventura County who are dedicated to addressing local health issues of concern to their patients and their profession. VCMA is a charter organization of the California Medical Association (CMA) and affiliated with the American Medical Association (AMA).

VCMA and its physician leadership have always been an integral part of the formation of medical care in Ventura County, being patient advocates on community committees and boards, as well as representing their colleagues at local, state and national legislative arenas.

Through our efforts, and those of CMA, we have provided the opportunity for physicians to focus more time on treating patients and less time worrying about the hassles of practice management. Our efforts have also helped preserve the cap on awards in medical malpractice cases, otherwise known as MICRA, resulting in stabilized malpractice insurance costs in California – not enjoyed in other parts of the nation.

The staff at VCMA is committed to assisting physicians in every aspect of their practices, from ironing out the complicated practice management issues that arise on a daily basis to providing access to resources offered through organized medicine. For a complete listing of the services provided to physician members, please review the Membership Benefits section.

It is the primary goal of the VCMA to act collectively for its members by promoting:

  • Excellence in the provision of quality, ethical healthcare;
  • The health of our community;
  • Physicians personal, social and professional integrity and well-being; and
  • The common goals of similar organization.

If you are not already a member and you are an MD or DO, please consider joining today

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