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Health Information Technology

As technology advances CMA and VCMA seek to navigate you through the confusing world of conflicting information about vendors, federal regulations and technical jargon.

You may browse the CMA Health Information Technology section of their website for reliable information on Electronic Health Records, Meaningful Use, Data Privacy and Security.

Additionally, FREE helpful webinars are available On-Demand for all CMA/VCMA members.

Emergency Medical Services Fund

Program Available to All Physicians in Ventura County 

The Emergency Medical Uncompensated Care Fund allows for a percentage of tobacco tax and traffic fines levied in each County to be earmarked to pay physicians for uncompensated care rendered in emergency rooms and OB or Pediatric services rendered in-patient and out-patient settings.

Also referred to as the Maddy Fund, EMSF Program, or CHIP funding, the program is under the auspice of the Ventura County Health Care Agency. This program is being administered through American Insurance Administrators of Los Angeles for claims processing, with the education/policy component administered by the VCMA.

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Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

Legally recognized in California in 2009, POLST is a standardized physician order specifying the types of medical treatment a patient wishes to receive towards the end of life.

POLST allows patients to make more informed decisions and clearly communicate these decisions to providers, thus preventing unwanted treatment, reducing patient and family suffering and ensuring that patients’ wishes are honored.

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To order POLST forms and/or to request a group presentation, please contact VCMA at (805) 484-6822.

HEMR and the Ventura County Medical Association (VCMA) are proud to present the HEMR Advance Care planning and POLST eRegistry as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry(QCDR) certified by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This is the first electronic POLST Registry in the U.S. for reporting as a quality measure to the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services! Physicians can now report electronic POLST submissions as a quality measure under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)! For more information:  



VCMA Programs
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