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The VCMA ensures local physicians have a
voice in shaping healthcare policy

Legislative Advocacy

Hot Legislative Issues

During the legislative process bills are frequently amended. As a result, a bill that warrants a "support" position one day may be so altered that it would best be "opposed" the next. For this reason, it is vital that legislative information be as current as possible. The CMA Alert is updated biweekly to give you the latest information on important bills, including a summary of the bill's content, CMA's position on the bill and the bill's current location in the legislative process.

Contact Your Representative

Not sure who your local representative is? It's easy to find out by Clicking Here.

As physicians, your views on current issues affecting health care are extremely valuable to your legislative representatives. It is particularly critical that legislators hear from you during certain periods of the legislative session. A convenient and effective way to receive information on hot legislative issues and reach your representatives at the right moment is by joining CMA's Legislative Key Contact Program.  As a Key Contact, you will receive strategically timed "Alerts" so that you are able to write, call or fax your representative with the most timely information.

A complete listing of the California Assembly and Senate is available from the CMA Government Relations Office by calling (916) 444-5532.


The political action committee of the California Medical Association exists to support candidates running for political offices who are sensitve to physician concerns and who understand our issues. Simply put, paying CALPAC dues translates into campaign dollars for pro-medicine candidates. CALPAC makes it possible for physicians to be effectively involved in the state legislature and Congress where public policy decisions are made that affect how health care is administered and regulated in California. By combining our financial resources we gain a louder voice and we speak with a clearer message. To join CALPAC call 1-800-CALPAC-9 with your Visa or MasterCard number, or send a check to 1201 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. For more information, click here.




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Government Regulatory Agencies

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