CMA Delegates

The House of Delegates convenes annually to debate and act on resolutions and reports dealing with myriad medical practice, public health and CMA governance issues. Policies adopted by the House are implemented by the Board of Trustees, which also deals with the many interim policy issues that arise between annual sessions.

The business of the House of Delegates consists primarily of resolutions and recommendations submitted by delegations or by individual delegates. Each item of business is assigned to a "reference committee," consisting of six members of the House. Each reference committee conducts a hearing to receive testimony for or against proposed resolutions from other CMA members and delegates. The committee then formulates recommendations for action by the full House, which votes to adopt, reject, amend or refer (for further study or for decision by the Board of Trustees) each recommendation. The House of Delegates exemplifies CMA's truly democratic governance.

Any CMA member may present testimony (i.e., speak for or against a resolution or recommendation) at reference committee hearings and may attend the meetings of the full House of Delegates as an observer. Soon, members will also be able to submit written testimony by commenting on submitted resolutions that will be accessible via their account dashboard.

For more information about becoming a member of CMA’s House of Delegates, contact Mary Carr.

CMA Delegates:

Colleen Copelan

Colleen Copelan, Psych

Ventura Delegate ’16-‘18
CALPAC Board, Senate District 19 Rep


Patrick Um

Jeffrey Brackett, CD

AMA Alternate Delegate ’16-‘18 Ventura Delegate ’16-‘18

Lynn Jeffers, PS

 Ventura Delegate '17-'19


Prashant Verma, A

Ventura Delegate ’17-‘1



CMA Alternates:

William Theurer, Rad


Young Physicians Reps:

Nicholas Fettman

Nicholas Fettman, Oto

Ventura YPS Delegate ’16 -‘18


Patrick Um
Catherine Ferguson, EM

Ventura YPS Alternate Delegate ’17 -‘18


District V Solo-Small Group Practice Forum Reps:

Patrick Um

Gilbert Simoni, GE 


CALPAC Board, Senate District 19 Rep:

Colleen Copelan
Colleen Copelan, Psych  

CMA Government Employee Practice Forum Delegate:

Michelle Laba
Michelle Laba, Ped


CMA Past President:

Charles Hair
Charles Hair, FP Retired
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